SHIPPING SAFELY: Shipping Reptiles

While it might sound strange to put an animal in a box and send it flying across the country, it’s actually quite common and very safe when done right.Shipping Reptiles I do everything in my power to make sure your new addition arrives safe and sound. Here’s how it works here at US-REPTILES:


During the purchase process, I will reach out to you and coordinate shipping via FedEx Overnight. Shipments are typically done on Monday through Wednesday only and we will work together to determine the best day of arrival. While I greatly prefer to ship to a FedEx facility, for pickup first thing in the morning by you (the less time spent on a delivery truck the better), I will also ship to your residence or workplace if needed.

The best day to receive one of my animals is when you, or someone 18+ years old, will be home at all times to receive and open the box. Shipments normally arrive by 10:30 a.m., but some rural or remote areas will have a later delivery guarantee time. I will know the delivery deadline when a shipping label is created. Most shipments will require a signature at delivery, so please plan accordingly (someone must be present at the first delivery attempt).


On shipping day, I will double-check the weather (in my location, your location, and the FedEx main hub the box will pass through) and create a shipping label as long as everything is good to go. I will verify shipping info with you and send you a link to your package’s tracking page to follow its progress.



Happy New Snake Day! We’re almost there…

Early on, you’ll see the shipment status change to “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” if it’s being delivered directly to you or “At local FedEx facility” if you’re planning on picking up the box at FedEx. Again, it is extremely important for you to be available at all times until your package arrives. Getting close!

If for some reason you see a status update of “Delivery exception”, contact me immediately. Chances are I will have already been trying to contact you too, but it never hurts to have too much communication. Usually, this happens from a missed delivery attempt. I will do my best to have the driver make another attempt, but this is not always possible and the box ends up riding around in the truck until it makes its way back to the hub for you to pick up.

Once your box arrives, please open it immediately to ensure everyone has made it to you safe and sound. Once you’ve done so, let me know as well. A picture is worth a thousand words. 🙂 Enjoy your new arrival, and THANK YOU! Shipping Reptiles

If you have any additional questions about the shipping process, please contact me.